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The University of Aberdeen leads latest city upskill effort

The University of Aberdeen’s latest offering of free courses helps residents upskill or retrain for free beginning in May 2021

By: Jeevan Bains

The online course initiative is running through the support of the Scottish Funding Council to “meet known skills gaps in the Scottish economy'', as well as to ‘help [people] upskill to progress in [their] career or reskill to change career.”

Applications are open to those whose primary place of residence is in Scotland, with 200 free places available.

The Scottish Funding Council allocated over £775,000 for the University to waive fees on short courses which “address known skill gaps in the Scottish economy”.

Some courses offered in the initiative include ‘Food Choice and Behavior’, ‘Leading and Managing High Performance Teams’, and ‘Fintech and Big Data’.

The University’s director of academic services, Gillian Mackintosh, said “We are delighted at the exceptional response we have had to each phase of the scheme, and we hope that this third and final phase will result in an equally positive response, especially as we have been given extra funding to support those who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment due to Covid-19.”


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