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The Trump Campaign Must Face Justice

Will Trump's Presidency Survive the Onslaught of the Mueller Investigation?

image courtesy of Christopher Mineses via Mashable

by Jaeden Reppert

Almost immediately after America’s Republican President Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in November of 2016, there have been efforts to impeach him. While support of the President has never been high, recent investigations have brought about new information and convictions for several of Trump’s key advisors and supporters, which spells trouble for the already troubled Presidency.

Previously Director of the FBI, and now an attorney, Robert Mueller has been leading an investigation into Trump and his supporters, specifically looking into claims of Russian involvement in the 2016 Election, and any connections between Trump’s advisors and the Russian Government. Starting in 2017, the investigation managed to find a corpus of incriminating information and implicated several key figures in Trump’s inner circle. Recently, many of these people have been brought to trial, and several have been found guilty and/or confessed to crimes. These include George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort. The cases against Cohen and Manafort are arguably the most important, as they relate to a multitude of monetary charges, including campaign donations and fraud. Papadopoulos is also an important person of interest in the investigation, as he was previously a foreign policy advisor to Trump, and knowingly lied to the FBI over contact with the Russian Government at the time of the election.

As these members of Trump’s staff are being charged and confessing to crimes, the numbers are increasing as the investigation continues, and many feel that it may eventually lead to the downfall of the US President. Trump himself has not been questioned as of yet, although he has been in contact with Mueller and his team. Trump has tweeted about the investigation, claiming that it is a “Rigged Witch Hunt”, which may lead some to assume his guilt or knowledge of the guilt of others.

To those with a knowledge of American history, the investigation and court proceedings may bring to mind the aftermath of the infamous Watergate Investigations, which lead to the disgrace and resignation of several high-ranking officials in the administration of Republican President Richard Nixon in the first half of the 1970’s. These investigations eventually lead to it being revealed that members of Nixon’s re-election committee tried to influence the election results and was then covered up. At the end of the investigation, Richard Nixon himself resigned, becoming the only US President to do so. There are those who believe that, while Trump may be too proud to resign, he may be impeached, if more condemning evidence comes to light.

The question of if or if not Trump should be impeached is one that I, as an American, am asked frequently. While many people may argue that he should, there are several arguments that he should remain in office. The main one of these is that, if Trump would be impeached and forced to leave office, he would be succeeded by Mike Pence, according to the laws of succession. Many Americans who identify as Anti-Trump believe that Mike Pence would be a worse President than Trump, citing his anti-LGBT and anti-abortionist stances. These issues, as well as the Senate not wanting to alienate a large demographic of the country (and thus lose votes0, are why I feel Trump will not be impeached during this term, unless more information is brought up by the Mueller investigations.

Recently, the investigation uncovered several Russian officials had committed crimes relating to the Trump administration, including hacking the emails of Hillary Clinton, and that could spell trouble for him down the road. Trump has recently been viewed to side with Russia, and this is apparent in his tweet before the meeting he had with Putin in Helsinki in July. The tweet reads:

“Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!”

This belief that he is not responsible for decaying US – Russia relations, as well as another recent tweet in which he claims that he has “… the absolute right to pardon myself,” have led many to assume his guilt, and echo the quote by Richard Nixon, in which he said “when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

Donald Trump’s house of cards is apparently beginning to crumble, though if it can withstand the investigation led by Robert Mueller remains to be seen. In my personal belief, while Trump has done incredibly reprehensible things, and I do not support his actions, it would cause more harm to the United States at the moment to impeach him, unless the investigation manages to uncover more evidence against him. If that would happen, it would serve the interests of the American people the best if justice was served and he would be impeached.


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