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The Straw that Broke the Child's Back

The Heavy Burden on Today's Youth

By Mauragh Scott

Credit to GoranH

I think it’s fair to say this year has met us with a lot more strife than we were hoping for when the bells struck midnight on the first of January. 2020, despite not being even close to over yet, has won the title of being the most devastating year in recent history. Whether that be true in all cases, or if people are just more aware of the issues around them thanks to social media: Covid-19, Police brutality, corruption, the rapidly increasing effects of climate change, and bigotry of all kinds are just some of the big headlines or topics that come up on my news page every time I look on my phone.

It goes without saying that the world is a special kind of chaos this year, so naturally, people have been looking for some kind of responsibility to be taken. One would assume that our current governments would take responsibility for the massive amounts of shambles that is our current state. Yet, it appears that the those in power will continue to dodge any form of responsibility, despite being the ones to thank for making 2020 the year that it is. Instead, those in power have made it so that the responsibility will fall on to the one generation that no one listens to… Generation Z.

This is clear from the continuous lack of action from the people in power currently, whilst simultaneously preaching about the ‘hope’ that they have for today’s youth. This is not to say that having hope is the problem: hope is vital to making any change in this god-forsaken world. But I have to admit, every time I see absolutely no justice be granted for the most basic of cases of corruption and bigotry, I am getting a little tired of the response. The same people who don’t listen to my opinions, tell me that they have ‘hope’ in my generation. These fake sentimentalities and broken promises are more of a slap in the face than any kind of helpful hand they like to play it off as. The people who hold all the power to change the current climate (both political and environmental) should not be so callous as to tell the youth they believe in us whilst simultaneously giving us the weight of all the problems they actively did nothing to fix.

These issues cannot wait to be solved by my generation. Let’s not forget that many Climate scientists have been saying 2020 was the deadline for governments to do something about Climate change. Most of the issues making headlines this year quite frankly should have been made right decades ago. The ceremonial passing of the torch of responsibility is exactly what has allowed all these horrible issues to go without justice. If the time comes where my generation comes into power, I know for certain that our shoulders will not be big enough to hold the heavy weight of all the problems passed down to us.

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