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The Scottish Family Party — avoid the void

The SFP isn’t ‘fresh’. It’s dated and bigoted

By Aidan Bridgeman

Image courtesy of the First Minister of Scotland via Flickr

With the Scottish Parliament election quickly approaching, smaller parties are eyeing up the chance to get elected. It’s the perfect time to do so. The volatile SNP, constitutional questions and our proportional representation system could be to the benefit of smaller parties this time round.

One party trying to make a splash is the Scottish Family Party (SFP). They’ve grown a fair bit as of late. Their leader, Richard Lucas, has managed to get himself in the papers, and their party political broadcast may have even popped up on your Facebook timeline — a video espousing family values in between panning shots of the Forth Rail Bridge.

It’s a party attempting to fill a void in Scottish politics, fuelled almost entirely by their hatred of the SNP. The SFP promotes itself as a socially conservative party, one that is close friends with the Scottish Christian Party and the Scottish Libertarians. However, when you look under their friendly and agreeable top-level demeanour, you’ll soon wish that the gap they occupy was better left a gap unfilled.

Lucas, who is a former UKIP member, pairs his manifesto pledges with YouTube videos going into detail about various social issues. They usually start with him purposefully misinterpreting whatever he’s about to counter, then invariably referring to Jordan Peterson or Count Dankula (Mark Meechan), and almost always calling his opponents illogical. He uses this line of reasoning so much so that he thinks children should take mandatory logic lessons in school. At the end of the videos, he’ll ask for you to vote for the Scottish Family Party, claiming they’re a breath of fresh air in Scottish politics! They’re not. Their arguments are archaic and stale.

Schooling is where most of Lucas’s policies originate. The SFP and their members are of the opinion that Scottish nurseries, primaries, and secondary schools are Marxist indoctrination centres run by paedophiles.

Sex education in school is incredibly important for the Scottish Family Party, unless you’re gay or trans, of course. Actually, they would say it’s dangerous if you’re straight too, because they argue that the Scottish government is trying to turn kids gay with books about, for instance, same-sex parent penguins. Pauline Gallagher, SFP member, stated during a BBC Panorama special in 2019 that children’s books in Scotland are designed to turn children gay. She has also allegedly stated that AIDS is a disease created by God to eradicate the world of homosexuals, which she said to her classroom during her time as an RE teacher.

Lucas himself is adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage and has gone to lengths to prove it. He constantly sneaks into audiences on debate shows, keeps phone-in lines busy on the radio, and has even crashed LGBT student-run shows at secondary schools. For instance, last year he was escorted out of Dunbar Grammar School by police after having distressed the students, where he essentially claimed that those confused about their gender identity were merely fetishists.

The party leader constantly brings up the teachings of the Church of Scotland, and as such, ensures that his party reflects the same values of being anti-abortion. The SFP website states that Scotland’s shrinking population timebomb could be solved by making abortion illegal.

By all means, if you want to vote for someone who thinks being gay is a sin and that radical Marxists control Scotland’s educational systems, then go right ahead. It’s frankly saddening that you’re so paranoid. However, the Scottish Family Party is by no means “fresh”. Their ideas surrounding culture and society are extremely outdated.

Are you sick of mainstream politicians? That’s exactly what they want; they want you to tune out. Voting to strip away the human rights of your fellow citizens isn’t the way to protest it.


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