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The Peace Before the Storm Freshers

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

A Note to Freshers

By Kirstie Kinnaird

Image Credit: The Gaudie

First years, you did it! You survived academy, or high school, whatever you call it where you are from known as the “best years of your life.” You survived years at school gaining the grades you needed to end up here, hopefully this is where you wanted to be and not as an alternative from the place you were intended to attend. As freshers week has passed and we are now on our third week of first term, I hope everyone is settling in and getting back into a routine which suits them the best. If you are new to Aberdeen, welcome! That’s said in the nicest way possible, with living in Aberdeen my whole life I can tell you the good spots and the bad and can guarantee you the list of bad is much longer. Aberdeen is a city many seek to live in because of the historical grey buildings, which is why it is known as the “The Granite City”.

With the negatives of Aberdeen overthrowing the goods I will say I always loved the beach here which is, of course, always freezing so little to no people voluntarily swim in the water. The nightlife here, bar clubbing which I am not such a fan of, is excellent- especially taking late night drives on the bumpy, pothole streets which will never be fixed (this is a must).

Aberdeen is full of places to eat, especially on campus, with the famous Aberbean café in the Sir Duncan Rice Library and many other choices in the Union, including the coveted Subway. Your options for food are sandwich-heavy, although if you’re willing to brave the creepy JG Ross doll, you may find more possibilities.

Freshers’ week is always the time students look forward to, the time for new students to put themselves out there with stalls set up to showcase their societies. It consists of free stuff ranging from pens to bags, which I’m sure students only want to the constantly sought after Domino’s pizza which is always there for some reason looking for drivers. But we all know the best thing about freshers is the drinking, the last week of peace and freedom before the storm consisting of essays and exams hit.

Lastly a wish is made in hopes everyone does well this year. If you need to get work done, the library and union is the place to be. The library is filled with floors with different resources, and everyone is respectful to others around them. I also want to mention Blackwell’s, a bookshop full of every textbook you will need for your courses, and we can’t forget the handy bundles they do. One bit of integral advice I’d like to part with however, is not to lose your ID card, as it will cost more than a pot noodle and a drink to get a new one and the thought of missing out on extra pot noodles is one too awful to bear.


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