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The Incarnations, 'Shadows' – Single Review

by Rory Buccheri

Aberdeen-based guitar band The Incarnations steps out of the shade to inaugurate a new musical year with their brand-new single Shadows, which is to be released on the 25th of January.

The refreshing sound of the new single is ready to wash the gloom of winter away, but not without a twist: underneath the catchy melody, fruit of the exposure to Alternative Country and Southern Rock, the song conceals deep, heart-felt universal themes. As the lead guitarist, Ian Hay, has revealed to the Gaudie “the central theme is all about sharing your feelings with the ones you love […] because life is fleeting.”

There’s more to this outstanding single than just a successful succession of chords: there is the ever-present feeling that “we as humans are a small part of a big galaxy and an even bigger universe” and, ultimately, that  “we should appreciate what we have”, as stated by Hay, writer of the track.

You can listen to the track again and again; its progression never gets boring. The quality of the sound continues the band’s tradition of mastering upbeat, groovy sounds and Easy Listening at their best, and their last single ensures its spot as the rightful heir to REM and Creedence Clearwater, as it has been described by the critique.

For Jamie Thompson, bassist of The Incarnations, it was fantastic to get to record the track in a proper studio after having played it live for years. According to Thompson, “it was a great experience having access to a top studio with quality equipment and experienced sound engineers” and, what’s more, the band is ready to work on a third single shortly after this one in order to keep the momentum going. There is no better place to keep updated about the band’s gigs than their Facebook page, where they’ll be posting the dates for Aberdeen and the North of Scotland – places where the band has gained appreciation and built a crowd of enthusiastic fans.


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