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The Endless – Review

by Robbie Kirk


In a multitude of cases independent films are handed some kind words of understanding, allowing filmmakers the chance to redeem themselves when given enhanced equipment. However, ‘The Endless’ is not one of these films.

Beautifully shot, this science-fiction horror movie looks promising from the outset, with the potentials of a hard-hitting script, but it soon relinquishes this opportunity. We briefly follow two brothers, Aaron and Justin, through their empty lives, until they receive a video from their former cult-members and return to their past life. The film fails to depict a meaningful relationship between the brothers: their on-screen interactions feel empty and frankly unrealistic. It is mind-boggling to consider that a decade has passed since their cult-escape, and yet their tedious life has led neither to insanity. One successful aspect of the film is the disappointment we feel when returning to ‘Camp Arcadia’. Aaron’s childhood memories portray a picturesque world filled with infinite joys, but upon arrival we witness dull, tired-looking surroundings. The Camp is run by a mysterious force that, for no given reason, keeps its captives in an infinite loop of death, no matter how hard how they try to end their own lives. During the following hour of the film, our two heroes grow apart as Anna, seemingly the camp’s temptress, lures Aaron further into harm’s way.

However, the story arch evokes no emotion in the viewer, as we are shown captives who are held in this camp for no reason, by a force which has no purpose or origin, and frankly fails to frighten or interest the audience enough into caring about its nature. Ultimately, this film, despite looking relatively well-shot, fails to entertain on any level.


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