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The Development Trust Fund offers up to £5000 for student projects

Students, societies and staff can apply until Friday 22nd of October

By Mireia Jimenez

Picture by Aaedan Brennan

The Aberdeen University Development Trust Fund is available for students, societies and staff members and provides funding to projects that help enhance the student experience.

The Gaudie interviewed Katrina Allan, Head of Alumni Relations.

The Fund has supported a variety of student projects throughout the year, sometimes more than once. However, Katrina mentioned how “Things that haven’t been done before would always be welcome. We are really interested in seeing new ideas.”

Their donations are fundamentally from Alumni students of the University.

When asked how the pandemic impacted donations, she said it did affect a

Alumni’s capacity to donate on a regular basis, however, there was also “a surge in generosity from our Alumni who are really concerned about the welfare and well-being of our students.”

“COVID has made it very difficult because a lot of the projects that we would normally support would be centred around in-person activity” she added.

Also, in May 2020 they launched the COVID-19 525 Bursary Fund that was specifically to help students experiencing hardship as a result of the pandemic.

Allan mentioned that out of all the projects they supported, she is especially passionate about Aberdeen Nightline.

“It is such an important project that helps safeguard the mental health and well-being of our students, and I think that’s something that our alumni would feel strongly about as well.”

“The well-being and mental health of our students is so important at any time, but COVID has put extra pressure on our students. Being able to provide support to that really important initiative, for me, it’s really special.”

When asking about the impact of the Development Trust Fund in student lives after graduating, she said:

“If you’ve been successful in obtaining support, or even just being able to evidence that you sought this kind of support shows creativity. Myself, as a hiring manager within the University, being able to see that innovation and creative thinking from students is quite powerful.”

For more information on the Development Trust Fund, you can visit their website here.


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