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The Christian Union Absolves Guilt

Of those that attend their events for free food with no intention of converting.

by News Drone #3

image via Max Pix

The Gaudie has received a press release from the Christian Union assuring students that “They are welcome to come to events without feeling the need to pretend they’re interested in becoming Christians or feel riddled with guilt for pretending to in order to eat free tea and biscuits”.

“We actually enjoy putting on social events that include some Christian themed philosophy, there really aren’t any ulterior motives” a spokesperson told us.

One student attending the event came forward and told us “I was just kind of lonely when I came to university and they were so friendly, so I got caught up in their events as a way to make friends. Now I’m just in way too deep and can’t find a way to back out”

While the number of non-religiously aligned people in the UK continues to decline there still seems to be a lasting presence of Christian outreach across Aberdeen city and the university campus.

The CU spokesperson went on to add “We hope that people can continue to appreciate our charity work and social events without feeling pressured to change religion. Plus, who really wants to compete with the Mormons anyway, the campus is their turf”


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