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The AUSA AGM Explained

Everything you need to know about the Annual General Meeting

By Natasha Doris

Courtesy of Anttoni James Numminen

What is the AGM?

The AGM is the Annual General Meeting of Aberdeen University Students Association.

This avenue provides an opportunity for students to learn about what the Aberdeen University Students Association (AUSA) has been doing, as well as how its Sabbatical Officers have been conducting their time in office.

Students will also have the opportunity to listen to the progress, if any, made by the Trustee Board for the University in matters of how (or if) they have made the lives of its students better.

Why does it matter?

The AGM is a vital opportunity for students across all facets of the University to make their grievances known in a public and moderated forum.

Students are allowed to vote on matters of policy, and motions which are discussed in the meeting which fall within Association bounds.

What happens at the AGM?

The AGM starts with the official business, such as discussing the minutes of the previous AGM, the annual report of the Association, its annual accounts, the appointment of auditors, AUSA’s list of affiliations, as well as being an opportunity for students to hold the Board of Trustees to account by questioning them.

What follows is the submission of motions, by students, which will then be debated once the business according to the Constitution of the Association has been concluded.

Why should I attend?

This is the important part: These Annual General Meetings are what keep our Student Association to account.

If you have a problem with the Association, come voice it at the Meeting! If you don’t like the way something is done, something is run, or the supplies or facilities that you think the Association should be supplying. Seriously, come have your say.

Raise a motion, vote, take a stance on the issues that are important to you.

What you say can have a lasting impact that changes the University for the better.

How can I contribute?

Attend. Ask questions. Take a stand on what matters in the Student Association to you.

When and where is the AGM?

The AGM is on the 11th of February, at 5:30pm (although students are encouraged to turn up and sign in at 5:00pm). The Meeting will be held at the William Guild Arts Lecture Theatre. Don’t forget your student ID in order to register and vote.


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