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The Aberdeen University King’s Aquathlon is back for 2019

A day of swimming in ASV followed by running along the beach

by Isti Miskolczy

The annually organized King’s Aquathlon will be held on the 2nd of November in Aberdeen at the Aberdeen Sports Village. Those who are willing to compete can choose 800 metres swimming followed by a 10 km run, or 400 metres swimming followed by a 5 km run. The running course will be flat and fast but also scenic as its location is the Beach Boulevard. Various shorter distances will be available for kids as well. 

If you have not done triathlon, aquathlon or duathlon before, the differences are simple. Triathlon is a multisport race with three different components: swimming, running and cycling. These are done continuously; insomuch as so-called transition zones are set up at every race where the athletes are able to change and switch from one sport to another. They are competing for the fastest overall course completion. Both individual and relay competitions are commonly organized. Both duathlon and aquathlon are emerged from the origins of triathlon with all the same rules and circumstances, the only difference is that the duathlon consists of only cycling and running and aquathlon comprises just swimming and running. 

The organiser of the Aquathlon, the Aberdeen University Triathlon Club is part of Triathlon Scotland and was formed in 1990. Since then, they have been conducting a huge number of regular sessions as well as social trainings in all three aspects of triathlon every week for students at each level. You do not need to be either a super fit athlete or have a certain fitness level or experience to join the club or enter the Aquathlon. In fact, they are all amateurs who started triathlon because it is fun, combining three different endurance sports, thus keeping every part of your body fit whilst in the beautiful Scottish nature. 

The entry for the Aquathlon is open until the 27th of October. Sign up at


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