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Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Autumn

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Celebrate in style!

By Maggie Johnson


Autumn is officially underway! Here are some tips to have a unique, classy season this year:

1. Make a pile of wet leaves in your room

This isn’t just the natural scent of autumn—it’s a free statement piece for any student accommodation.

2. Try pumpkin-spice flavoured sushi

An autumnal twist on a dinner classic! Also the quickest way to alienate any social acquaintances with a normal taste in food.

3. Give a mouse a little kiss

Show your love for woodland creatures this autumn and they will reciprocate by not chewing your plasterboard too much.

4. Save 100% on Primark hats and mittens

This can be done by not buying new hats and mittens and instead relying on the vaguely hat-shaped piece of knit-wear you got for Christmas last year from Aunt Lydia.

5. Bake some combination of spice/apple/pumpkin/herb bread

Then burn it, set off your fire alarm, and give up and buy bread from Tesco like the rest of us, you idiot. What were you even thinking?

6. Watch a cosy autumn movie, like The Blair Witch Project

Cuddle up with a loved one to enjoy a light-hearted romp in the woods. Follow up with your own autumn hike! Best done at night.

7. Light some autumn-scented candles in your non-fireproof uni accommodation

Then enjoy the nippy chill of an autumn night with everyone in your building as you immediately evacuate the scene.

8. Try some autumn footwear: tissue paper ankle boots!

Lightweight, single-use BOOties for a cutie! Bonus points if you repurpose your tissue paper to hand out autumnal gifts to your friends.

9. Get a new, jack-o-lantern inspired haircut

If you’re having trouble visualising this one, imagine a cheeky smile cut out on the back of your head, dyed orange! This one can be repurposed as Santa for the holiday season if dyed red and worn with a hat.

10. Disappear into the woods for a few days

What better way to end your autumn than a complete immersion into nature? The lack of cell service is also a great way to spice up the season for your friends that you forgot to tell you were doing this.

Happy Autumn!


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