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Superorganism, 'Superorganism' - Review

by William Jones


On a first listen to Superorganism, the highly processed vocals and overused synthesisers can appear initially off-putting. Having burst onto the scene last year, nobody quite knew who this indie-pop band were, or what they were doing. The 8-piece group have now released their self-titled debut album, and at the start it’s quite hard to know what to make of it; is it genius, or just plain weird?

Opening tracks like ‘It’s All Good’ and ‘Everybody Wants to be Famous’ ease you into this psychedelic world quite easily, with clear influences from Gorillaz on both songs. Towards the end of the album however, things get much weirder. ‘The Prawn Song’ is perhaps the most notable on the whole album, and with lyrics like “have you ever kissed a prawn; got a cold sore?,” it’s easy to see why.

Nonetheless, while the album certainly flirts heavily with the eccentric side of things, there remains much to be admired. The mashed up sounds and samples make it a polished and interesting album, complete with all the necessary absurdities to mirror the absurdity of our times.


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