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Students welcome Afghan families with cards of cheer

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Aberdonians welcome Afghan refugees after resettlement plans in Aberdeen were announced last month

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Photo courtesy of Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

On Wednesday 22nd of September twenty students of the University of Aberdeen gathered on Elphinstone Lawn, creating over 50 colourful cards and messages of good cheer for the recently arrived Afghan families who fled from the new Taliban regime.

The event was organised by Just Love Aberdeen, a Christian social justice student organisation which meets on the University campus.

The group’s co-president, Holly Brow, stated that Just Love wanted the event to help ‘build community while serving others.’

Second year student Gabby Shoemaker added that the event was a ‘creative way to express ourselves and welcome people [to Aberdeen].’

The completed cards will be distributed to the 100 Afghan men, women, and children who are currently waiting to be resettled throughout the Granite City.

Similar events in support of Aberdeen’s newest citizens are planned for early October, with a large rally organised by the Aberdeen Multicultural Centre to be held outside Marischal College on October 9th.


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