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Students trapped in SDR Library lift

University security and maintenance staff were called to free the students

By Anttoni James Numminen

Courtesy of The Gaudie.

According to several eyewitness reports, up to three students were trapped in a lift in the Sir Duncan Rice Library this evening, between around 6.30-6.50pm.

A student who was at the scene told The Gaudie: “Three people are inside and an engineer is on his way.

“Security is keeping in contact with them to make sure they are alright.”

It was suggested by some at the scene, that the unfortunate obstruction occurred as a result of students in the lift jumping. However, The Gaudie has not been able to verify this.

A student also told The Gaudie: "The entire library team acted really quickly. Together with security and engineers"

It is understood the students were freed after around 20 minutes in good health.

"They are out of the lift and they are all fine" The Gaudie was told.


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