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Student sets up Autistic Spectrum Disorder support group

The group aims to provide support and answer questions related to ASD

By: Lucy Macdonald

The Old Town House on campus - Credit: Anttoni J.N.

Niamh, a third-year Psychology student at the University of Aberdeen, has taken matters into her own hands and set up a platform for discussion and support for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Having been diagnosed and living with the effects of ASD herself, she has set up a community page on Facebook called ‘University of Aberdeen ASD Support’.

Inspiration to create the page came after she read an anonymous post by another University student struggling with ASD.

Noting that the page is not just for those with ASD, she says the page is for everyone and that she wants to “provide info for all”.

Asked about setting up the page, she said: “As a member of the ASD community myself, it was difficult seeing someone in a similar position to me saying that they wish the Uni had a support network for people like us, so I created one. For other neurodivergent people, and for others who wish to know more about ASD.”

During the COVID pandemic, the issue of students’ wellbeing has been brought into sharp focus.

Following the decision of the University Senate to not pass the No Detriment policy proposal, students in favour of it have also taken matters into their own hands.

While the University has counselling and welfare support services available for serious issues and qualified support, these online platforms can be a useful place for students to connect over their experiences with ASD and their student experience in a social and informal setting.

The link to the University of Aberdeen ASD Facebook page is available here.

The link to a list of available support and advice services from the University of Aberdeen is also available here.