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Student launches 'Food Not Bombs' community initiative in Aberdeen

A new community kitchen protesting war is establishing in Aberdeen to provide hot meals for the community.

By Katerina Vilemova

Photo Credits: Katerina Vilemova

Students at the University of Aberdeen are starting a movement aiming to reduce food waste as well as provide food for people in need.

Kayleigh, a 2nd-year Politics and International Relations student, has established the first Aberdonian Food Not Bomb, placing it in company with over 1000 established communities globally including initiatives in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

‘It’s not just feeding people, because that’s one thing. It’s also feeding people with a very important message, that how can we be letting people go hungry while we are wasting all this money on wars and military that doesn’t need to be spent'.

'Food not Bombs is a solidarity organisation, it’s definitely not a charity. It’s just people coming together to make sure people are getting fed, getting free hot meals, and at the same time, advocating messages against war and military spending', she said about the movement.

Kayleigh plans to get support from local food banks and businesses to donate food that would otherwise be discarded in order to provide free food for the community.

Food not Bombs serve vegan or vegetarian meals, many of which can be found in The Anarchist Cookbook.

Despite being its founder, Kayleigh wants the group to remain community-based and non-hierarchical; 'Everyone just pitches in what they can, and it’s all based on consensus. Everyone has to agree with it if it is going to be done'.

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