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Student climate group meets in Aberdeen

Students organise climate talk at coffee house

By Evelyn Bayerlein

Image courtesy of catazul via Pixabay

On Sunday the 6th February, students organised a talk on “how direct action can save us from the climate crisis” at the Coffee House

Students explained their dismay with people in power by stating that “we’re being systematically lied to by everyone in power” leading to “more parts of the world being destroyed.”

They referred to scientists as useless leaders as they “lie in order to not rock the boat. They may be good people, but they’re bound by where they get their money.”

The goals of the climate group are to stop new licences for oil development, make public transport free, insulate the homes of Britain and for all oil workers to be transferred to secure sustainable jobs.

In March, the group will be looking to block oil moving around the UK for 2 weeks, putting themselves at risk of arrest and harm. The group will be handing out leaflets as well.

When asked about the new oil fields being built in the North Sea, one of the speakers stated that “we cannot have any new oil fields as millions of people will die, and the government is deciding to kill those people. This is an achievable step the government will be able to take.”

This move for more awareness and direct action about climate change comes at a time when Aberdeen is taking on a massive oil plant as well as trying to be more environmentally friendly by using hydrogen buses and wind plants.


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