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Sound Festival: Ice Breaker Live at the Lemon Tree

by Cat Edwards

Arriving at this event, I felt very sceptical as to what awaited me. The Lemon Tree was quiet; in the waiting room, I was greeted by only four other audience members who looked disinterested in their situation, absorbed by the drinks in front of them. My surrounding company averaged on sixty, if not older, and the night did not initially project the greatest expectations.

Indeed, proceeding into the auditorium, the audience grew older and older as pensioners trickled into the event. I feared that I was perhaps the only person without a bus concession pass in the room. The act came on stage and I was not impressed by the aesthetic qualities of the performance to come. The group members looked more like off-duty high school art teachers than professional classical musicians. Similarly, the room was set up in such a way that it reminded me of a church hall performance and not a formal concert. However, I should not have been so sceptical and the adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ was realised in the performance that the collective gave.

Icebreaker commenced their performance with a piece that, although classical, felt as though it could transcend into a classic rock ballad as it progressed. The piece was very engaging and the band’s combination of traditional classical music with modern elements was executed with great precision and care. Each subsequent piece they played showcased their care and passion for music and its evolution, a musical means of celebrating past traditions whilst incorporating the new. The music that they chose to play showcased their own attitudes to current society and a celebration of subjects they endorse as people. From lambasting Trump and his despicable attitudes, to supporting women in music, they covered a range of subjects through their music.

When I left the event, I was thoroughly impressed by the way in which these musicians and their older audience engaged so presently with current issues and I felt embarrassed by my preconceptions. This event taught me again to never judge something before you experience it, as you may be in for a welcome surprise.


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