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Slaves, 'Acts of Fear and Love' - Review

by William Jones


Tunbridge Wells may have more Radio 4 listeners than anywhere else in Britain, but it has also produced the biggest punk band of the last few years, Slaves.

One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2018, ‘Acts of Fear and Love’ is their third in only three years. It has been released on Virgin EMI Records, and sees the duo come up with their most heavily produced piece of work to date, which also happens to be their best. In this record, singer and drummer Isaac Holman moves significantly away from his distinctive shouting style – and actually sings. Standout moments include the tracks ‘Magnolia’, ‘Photo Opportunity’ and ‘Daddy’, which also features backing vocals from Ellie of indie rock band Wolf Alice.

You would think that releasing your third album in as many years would cause a slip up at some point – but this just isn’t the case with Slaves. Having progressed from tracks like ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie’ in 2015, the band have never really had a bad moment and have never lost energy. Let’s just hope that they can keep this up for the next album.


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