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Sigrid, 'Sucker Punch' Single – Review

by Abi Love


Bursting with energetic beats and a fresh sound, Sigrid’s latest single “Sucker Punch” is a delight to listen to. Best known for her breakthrough song “Strangers”, Sigrid is rising through the ranks and making herself heard on the big stage. At just 22 years old, the Norwegian singer has won the 2018 BBC Music Sound award. There are high expectations with Sigrid’s quick rise to fame and the string of releases keeps fans with their hopes raised. Whilst “Sucker Punch” is a pleasant addition to her discography, it may get lost in the crowd of Pop playlists. Regardless, it is still a song with a powerful and enjoyable chorus that makes it a highlight.

Sigrid welcomes us to a newer sound with a rigid beat and electric tones that differ from some of her earlier works. Rising with a power filled, memorable chorus, “Sucker Punch” is one that sticks with you and begs to be listened to again. Sigrid has a clear talent for storytelling, and her newest single is no exception – there is almost a high-school narrative to the track which complements the topic of falling in love. It is a song that follows the typical themes of her works and, despite the upbeat and fun chorus, the track does not bring any surprises.

Coming from an artist which has presented us with an array of recent releases, “Sucker Punch” succeeds in keeping up the vibe as an energetic pop single. Enjoyable and buoyant, Sigrid pleases fans once again and yet leaves us wanting more thanks to her memorable, uplifting sound.


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