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Sexy, Spooky and Degrading

Even Halloween has a market for sex

Photo courtesy of WynterSolstice

by Ellen Pintt

As we all huddle by the campfire for creepy tales of castles, crypts and evil creatures, some of us are going to be shuffling just a little closer than others. On account of the fact that we’re freezing. 

Halloween costumes have been a popular tradition across the world for hundreds of years, with children typically, but more recently adults, dressing up to impersonate the souls on the other side, to protect themselves as the ‘other-beings’ walk this world while the veil is thin. Halloween is a beloved holiday by all, whether you love a jump-scare horror movie, scaring children that knock looking for sweets, dressing up and testing out gruesome make-up skills, or simply as an excuse to get wasted.

But while I’m all invested in a good Halloween party, how in hell are women supposed to win best dressed if they’re barely dressed at all? Spilling out too much hard-earned cash (yes, that includes filling out SAAS papers), on too little fabric, it’s not only cold – it’s downright degrading. 

I don’t know when transforming yourself into a form of the undead became equal to taking the outfit of literally any profession/character and cutting it in half. Really, you go into any Halloween shop now and children and men have full amazingly detailed outfits with hats, cloaks, extravagant masks, steampunk goggles marketed at them, while women are directed straight to the unconvincing mouse ears and tiny tail. Even nurses, nuns, teachers, need the indication of ‘sexy’ in front of their title, and that’s only so you aren’t totally appalled by the one-size fitting being two sizes too small. 

Why does the year’s best holiday have to be geared towards sex? Yes, it’s Satan’s holiday but we’re supposed to be trying to blend in, not grab unwanted attention when the party takes us to the pubs and clubs down union street.

Of course, the obvious answer – just wear men’s costumes! Oh wait, they don’t fit. And if I actually felt like dressing up as a female character, I’m going to have more than a bit of a struggle finding the male version. 

I hate to be the one to always bring gender politics into the argument, but Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Allhalloween or All saints’ Eve or whichever version you’re choosing to go with, has never been about sexual connotations, so whether you’re in it for the respectful leaning towards the passing of the deceased, free sweets, a roaring bonfire, enhancing those pumpkin carving – or cooking – skills, there’s no reason anyone, male or female alike, shouldn’t feel comfortable doing so.


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