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Scottish football from an English perspective

What are the differences that makes Scottish football far more appealing?

by Jack Meyer

image courtesy of Dudek1337 via Google

As an Englishman only spending their second year in Scotland, I have already noticed why Scottish football has such as large following. There are 2 main things for the cause of this: the cheap price of tickets and the huge fan bases each club has.  Another point about this is the debate regarding which nation of football, Scottish or English, is arguably more accessible. 

The large following of the Scottish Premiership seems to be in line with the English Premier League. However, one main difference is the fact that a ticket can be bought to see a team that finishes in the top three of the Scottish leagues at a consistently cheaper price compared to the same league position of those teams in the Premier League. There could be several reasons for this, the main being that more people watch English Premier League compared to the Scottish league, leading to more money being spent on English football. Thus, there is a cost difference between going to see an English game compared to a Scottish. Furthermore, it can be argued that Scottish football is far more accessible in the act of going to a watch a game due to the lower price. 

Another area where there is a clear difference between Scottish and English top-tier football is the general wages of the players themselves.  For instance, Mesut Ozil is the highest earner for London-based side Arsenal, earning an approximate £350,000 per week. Compared to this, Aberdeen's average annual salary in 2017 was £136,382. But what is the reason for the English players being payed more? This can be argued with the ability of the teams in the English, with the number of English teams compared to Scottish teams going through European competitions is far more. Looking in the past it can clearly be seen that Scottish football has had big success in Europe, but it can now be said that times have changed.

These differences can be the reason why Scottish football is more appealing. This, from an English perspective looking at Scottish football, is one of the highlights so far. Scottish football looks a lot more accessible compared to English football top league, although it can be said that even if currently English football is at a higher level than Scottish football. However, it takes a lot more income to go watch an English game, meaning that Scottish football is far better far those with smaller wages.


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