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‘Sadistic’ teenagers who tried to get away with the murder of Brianna Ghey thought they were too smart to get caught

“Confident and Arrogant”: The Process Behind the Teens Who Stabbed Brianna Ghey 28 Times

By: Beth Templeton

On the afternoon of 11th February 2023, Brianna Ghey was lured from her house and stabbed 28 times by Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe; within 24 hours investigating officers had identified the suspects much to the surprise of the two teenagers who presumed their lies would save them.


The trial which has now had them convicted for 20 and 22 years heard how they also had a fascination with murder and violence. Moreover, with messages between them that showed that they encouraged each other to think about how they would carry out a murder. The court heard how the pair began to craft a tale of deceit shortly after the killing - creating what they thought would emerge as a cover story. 

Detective Chief superintendent Evans has commented on the attitude of the murderers, who both believed they would get away with it; "I think probably their downfall has been their confidence or arrogance around the fact that they thought that they could take another human life and then thought there would be no comeuppance for them and they'd never get caught”


The day after the murder Jenkinson messaged Brianna saying "Girl, is everything okay? Some teenage girl got killed in Linear Park it's on news everywhere. "And why did you ditch us for some random man from Manchester. Like wtf." This has become evident as an attempt from Jenkinson to cover her tracks. Both teenagers also spoke about people they wanted to kill and by 26 January; two weeks before Brianna's death - they had compiled a "kill list" of five peoples


Scarlett Jenkinson was named by the judge as the “driving force” between the killings, and since her detention she had already created a new kill list involving new people. Furthermore, she had originally blamed Eddie Ratcliffe for the murder, however since her conviction she has admitted to taking part in the stabbing. 


Jenkinson, also had an obsession with serial killers,and admitted to a psychiatrist that she “intended to take parts of Brianna’s body as a token. She had previously told Ratcliffe she wanted to keep Brianna’s “pretty eyes”. Jenkinson also admitted to trying to poison Brianna a few weeks before the murder with red ibuprofen tablets claiming they would ‘get her high’ 


Ratcliffe only met Brianna for the first time on the day of the murder. While planning the killing, he continually referred to her not as “she” but “it”. The Judge in the Manchester crown court said his messages were “transphobic” and “dehumanising”. Giving evidence, Ratcliffe insisted he was not transphobic, and blamed the murder on Jenkinson. 


However, it was his hunting knife that was used to stab Brianna 28 times. Moreover, after the Police found it in his bedroom after his arrest, the day after the killing. Brianna’s DNA and his were detected on the knife. Brianna’s blood was also discovered on his shoes and coat.


Hundreds have flooded and showed love for Brianna marking her death almost a year on, and her mum stated she feels sorry for the parents of the killers and would ‘love’ to meet them.


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