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Sabbatical Officer Elections Begin

AUSA reps encourage students to cast their votes

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

The voting to choose AUSA’s sabbatical officers, a quintet of UoA students who represent the student body, is now open. In total, 31 candidates are running for five positions, including three current sabbatical officers who are seeking a second term. Candidates' manifestos can be found on AUSA’s website.

All current students are eligible to vote in the elections, which can be accessed by signing into AUSA’s website using one’s University password and username. Students are then asked to rank the candidates for each position in order of choice.

AUSA hosted a series of three candidate debates in the Student Union Building on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, allowing students to hear the candidates’ manifestos and ideas for improving student life.

Speaking to The Gaudie, outgoing VP for Communities Camilo Torres Barragan urged students to vote in the elections.

He said: ‘There are many, many changes that the University has gone through that… were started by Sabbatical officers or student officers leading campaigns. It’s very important for students to choose the political direction of the student union because that means the student union will fight for specific causes or is going to prioritise specific topics with the University.’

‘In the past, the work of Sabbatical Officers, in terms of campaigning, has [brought] different changes to the University, like the No-Detriment policy. It has also [brought] a lot more support in terms of welfare, in terms of mental health… a lot of the positive changes in the University has been the result of Sabbatical officers campaigning….’

AUSA hopes to reverse years of declining student participation in the elections, which reached a nadir of five percent turnout in 2022. The polls are open until Thursday at 5 pm, and results will be announced the following day.


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