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Sabbatical election results to be announced at AGM

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The AUSA Annual General Meeting will also see results of the student elections revealed

By: E.S. Blofeld

Image: Courtesy of AUSA Website

Usually, a place for bingo, illicit drinks and lots of shouting, this year’s AUSA Annual General Meeting will be held online and will coincide with the announcement of the winners of the Sabbatical student Elections on 19 March.

The AGM is an opportunity for students to hold AUSA’s elected officers and Trustee Board to account and scrutinise the Association’s finances, as well as propose motions and eat pizza, albeit from home this time.

The meeting was moved from February to March to “create a bigger, better and more engaging event so you can help us find out where we have done well and the areas we need to try harder and improve on”, according to AUSA’s Facebook page.

“You will also get a chance to be the first to see who your new leaders in the next academic year are. Yes, we will announce AUSA Student Elections results right after the AGM and you will see your new Sabbatical Officer team.”

Nominations to stand in the student elections and become a full-time paid representative of fellow students is open until 1 March.

The positions that are open are Student President, Vice-President (VP) for Communities, VP for Education, VP for Sports and VP for Welfare. Further information on the elections and standing in them is available on the AUSA website at

However, voting in the University’s Rector election, which would have taken place between 23-25 February, has now been cancelled. The position of the University of Aberdeen Rector, once held by Winston Churchill, exists to represent and support the students independently of both the Students’ Association and the Administration.

The current Rector, Maggie Chapman, will top the Scottish Green Party’s North East regional list in this year’s Scottish Parliament elections.


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