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Sabbatical and NUS referendum polls close at 5pm

Take part in the elections at

By: Frank Haskins

Voting in the Students’ Association’s elections and the referendum on NUS membership closes today at 5pm.

The student elections will decide the leadership of the Association for the upcoming academic year.

The five, full-time paid positions are Student President, Vice-President (VP) for Sport, VP for Education, VP for Communities and VP for Welfare.

Students are also being asked to take part in a referendum on the Association’s membership of the national student group NUS Scotland, and vote either Yes or No to continued membership. The NUS provides students and Associations with representation at the highest levels of government.

Photograph: Anttoni Numminen

No students wanted to officially campaign against AUSA’s membership of the National Union of Students Scotland, so there is only a statement from the pro-NUS camp.

Those campaigning for a Yes-vote, have highlighted the financial and policy benefits gained from remaining part of the national organisation, saying the NUS had won over £1m for Aberdeen University students while also helping to campaign for the No Detriment Policy, approved by the Senate yesterday.

Radeen Moncrieffe, VP for Communities said: “This year has been so difficult for students and you had to face a myriad of problems. With all the issues - housing problems, need for a no detriment policy, course fees, all on top of the ongoing pandemic - student representation is more important than ever before.

“We want to encourage everyone to have a say, choose their candidate and cast their votes. Ballots close at 5pm on Thursday 18th March.”

Go to the AUSA website here to cast your ballots.


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