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RY X - Unfurl review

by Cameron Owens


Australian singer-songwriter RY X - famed for his single ‘Berlin’ - has recently released his new album ‘Unfurl’, harbouring his intimate and caressing voice mixed with the same relaxed backdrop as his earlier releases. This album is equal parts motivating and chilling, making it a must have for late-night study sessions. Foreign Tides’ with its thumping kick and soulful lyrics perfectly illustrates this idea, making it a standout within the album. But this is just one of many beautiful tracks that will inevitably stir deeper emotions within the listener; tracks such as ‘Water’ and ‘Bound’ create intensely motivating yet slightly depressing moods – a paradox that holds true in many of the powerful songs hidden within the album’s fifty-two-minute song-list. A song which you will, no doubt, hear more often on the radio over the coming weeks is ‘YaYaYa’, perhaps the most popular song on the album. Previously released as a single back in November, it ticks all the boxes to become a mainstream hit for RY X. Catchy lyrics teamed with a soft guitar riff and an easily recognisable chorus make this hit a sure-fire to lighten up your day. Despite the inevitable success this album and its European tour will bring, there is a sense of unfulfillment as nothing has quite matched either ‘Berlin’ or ‘Howling’ in terms of pure emotion or beauty. ‘Unfurl’ is a solid addition to RY X’s discography and has kept true to his emphatically chilling music and will certainly not disappoint listeners, new and old.


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