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Refresher's Fair takes place on campus

Societies gathered in Elphinstone Hall on the 7th and 8th of February

By Evelyn Bayerlein

Image courtesy of Evelyn Bayerlein

The refreshers fair kicked off on campus with a week of give it a go sessions hosted by different societies and sports clubs.

The fair was held in Elphinstone Hall on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 February.

This gave students an opportunity to join and enquire about different societies and opportunities on campus.

Many societies lined in the hall to talk to students about what they can offer, including The Gaudie.

Third-year postgraduate medicine student Andra said that “it is really interesting to see Aberdeen University host a refreshers fayre as not many universities hold one in the new year.”

An anonymous second-year politics student commented:

“It was really nice to have a fair to have the opportunity to join societies halfway through the year. Being a second year student it was also my first time in Elphinstone hall due to COVID restrictions which is a nice change from virtual events.”

Another anonymous student said that they didn’t know the fair was taking place since teaching had begun.

However, when asked to comment many students were unaware the fair had taken place.

Originally the event was supposed to happen a week before, but was postponed due to COVID-19 guidance.

This meant that many of the give-it-a-go sessions took place before the fair, which led to students missing out the opportunity to try out societies before joining.


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