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Public Health Scotland research seeks students who have been in self-isolation while at University

PHS would like to hear from students about experiences of self-isolation or quarantine during Covid-19

By: Anttoni Numminen

Image: Public Health Scotland

Have you been in self-isolation or quarantine since arriving at University?

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is conducting “independent research about the experience of students who have self-isolated since arriving at university and what might be some of the alternatives to the current system.”

The research, which is independent of government and universities, is seeking the views of Higher Education (HE) students via online focus groups. Students will be recruited from various institutions and will include those living in all accommodation types and students of UK and overseas origin.

“All contributions to our research will be anonymised and no students will be identifiable in any research reports or presentations we develop, according to Dr Debby Wason, Public Health Intelligence Principal for PHS.

“We hope this work will allow us to understand the impact of self-isolation on student health and well-being, identify good practice in terms of support for these students and help us develop solutions to the issue of restricting transmission of COVID-19 among students."

If you want to find out more about the research, including the Participant Information Sheet, click here.


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