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‘Prohibit Prohibition’: a protest against the rise of spiking incidents in Aberdeen

A group of students held a demonstration at the Prohibition nightclub on Friday 29th of October

by Olivia Mackenzie Smith

Courtesy of Amy Smith

The demonstration involved sitting in at the club to take up space and only ordering tap water to ‘slow down business’.

The protest came in the wake of several victims sharing their stories online about being spiked in clubs.

The protesters kept information in a private group to prevent it from reaching Prohibition, however, it has been speculated that the nightclub may have taken measures to keep them out.

One of the organisers, Ask Vestergaard, said that staff “were told to make sure people with bags weren’t allowed entrance. We had to put them in someone else’s apartment in order to enter.”

Ultimately, the group could not hold their table and had to leave.

The Gaudie reached out to Prohibition via social media for a comment, but they declined to comment.

When asked about the impact of this event, Verstergaard shared that:

“This protest was about accepting that Thursday’s boycott wasn’t going to be enough… I wanted to organize a direct action protest to directly harm Prohibition’s income.”

To read more about the rising spiking incidents check last edition’s article ‘A new epidemic: the rise in spiking incidents forces women to extreme precautions and mobilise’.


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