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Phosphorescent, 'C’est La Vie' – Review

by Abi Love


After listening to their latest single and title track “C’est La Vie No.2”, I knew Phosphorescent would not disappoint in their stunning new album. In a soothing and thoughtful array of songs, C’est La Vie presents to its listeners a very relaxed and mellow collection that is perfect for some downtime. The American band released their album on the 5th of October, and since then these easy-listening tracks have been playing on repeat as they make their way to Spotify playlists. Best known for their 2013 single “Song for Zula”, Phosphorescent are back for a splendid selection of music.

As the album title suggests, “C’est La Vie No.2” is the superb stand-out track that will coax in new listeners and impress existing fans. This was the first song I heard from the album, and the upbeat rhythm alongside the low, soothing voice of Matthew Houck makes it a song anyone can listen to. Likewise, their other single, “Christmas Down Under” is an enticing and slow track which features a nice change in vocal style, with an electric tone vibrating through the lyrics. The guitar solo is another distinct highlight of the song, making for an intense interlude to it.

Apart from these two strong singles, C’est La Vie matches the distinct sound of Phosphorescent as well as welcoming us with exciting new content. Complete with 9 tracks, the album was a joy to listen to as Houck indulges us with a dream-like collection. These songs are easy listening and ideal for those who enjoy something slower, perfected with an assemblage of exquisite lyrics. However, this is not to say the album does not have a strong energy to it: C’est La Vie impresses its listeners with each song and presents the comforting but powerful sound that is best attributed to the band.


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