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On-campus classes to return

The new academic year at the University of Aberdeen will see a more blended approach to teaching in the pandemic

By Olivia Mackenzie Smith

Photo courtesy of Aaedan Brennan

Following new advice from the Scottish Government regarding social distancing and in-person meetings, the University is overseeing a gradual return of in-person tutorials and meetings.

Vice-Principal of Education Professor Ruth Taylor said that despite the difficulties UoA had faced over the course of the pandemic, it had ‘pulled together as a strong and supportive university community’ and the wellbeing of students continued to be a priority as it looked forward to a return to campus.

“We have worked hard to prepare for the coming first half-session, with a focus on on-campus delivery with safety measures in place, in line with Scottish Government guidance.”

She also informed of how the Scottish Government has created a Covid Safety on Campus E-Learning resource to “help you understand how to keep yourself and others safe as we get back to enjoying the on-campus experience we have missed so much.”

Matthew Hamilton, a second-year music student, said:

“Hopefully the worst of the pandemic is behind us and we can slowly get closer and closer to fully relaxed restrictions and we can enjoy the social aspect of uni life again”.

The return of in-person teaching has had a clear impact on some students.

A 2nd-year neuroscience and biology student remarked that: “Returning to classes is so integral to university life. It’s not only a means to ensure high-quality learning, I feel it will be the standout moment in my life when I begin to feel like a member of something again, like an actual human being”.

Despite the increase in on-campus activity, a significant part of teaching remains online with pre-recorded lectures and virtual meetings.


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