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Northfield Academy in flames after 'petrifying' explosion

A major fire started following what was described as an explosion around 1.45pm on Monday afternoon.

By: Anttoni Numminen

Screengrab from @guy_ingerson's video

A major fire has broken out at Northfield Academy following an "explosion" heard by those in the area around 1.45pm this afternoon. Plumes of smoke have been visible across the city.

According to the City Council "the school has been evacuated and "arrangements are being made for pupils to go home".

Guy Ingerson, who was at home when the incident occurred said he heard a "loud bang" and could "feel the sound".

"I went outside and saw a huge column of smoke coming from Northfield Academy. That’s when I knew there had been an explosion. Despite this, I could still see workers on the roof.

"Fire crews were onsite within 5-10 minutes. A large crowd had also gathered. Thankfully the blaze was under control about 15-20 minutes after we heard the explosion. Obviously, our first thought was about any people that may have been affected.”

Image courtesy of Hasan Alnaser.

Hasan Alnaser, a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen was finishing an online meeting when he heard the explosion. Alnaser, who lives about 300 metres from the school, said he had seen explosions before but was "petrified" when he saw the flames.

"I heard an explosion around 13:45 just after finishing a teams meeting. When I looked outside I saw a column of black smoke coming out of the Northfield Academy. Lots of people were outside looking at it.

"I’ve heard explosions before, so I had an adrenaline rush and I was petrified when I saw the fire."

It is not known whether students were present at the school but The Gaudie understands that renovations were ongoing at the School when the incident occurred.

Mathilde Communal, a student at the University shared this picture, taken from her apartment on King Street where she saw the smoke but did not hear an explosion as it was "too far away".

Communal said: "I looked out of my window during my tutorial, and saw these dark fumes. It was rather scary! I checked in on some friends living in this direction. Thankfully they were all okay."

Image courtesy of Mathilde Communal.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said four pumps and a height vehicle had been sent to the scene.

MP for Aberdeen North, Kirsty Blackman thanked emergency services mobilised in Northfield.

Image courtesy of Google Maps.


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