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No Time to Die (2021) | Film Review

by Amy Smith

There may be No Time to Die with the latest film in the James Bond series, but there is plenty of time to say goodbye as Daniel Craig plays the iconic character one last time. In a film that symbolises both the start and end of the pandemic, the 18-month wait for its release created huge headlines when it became the biggest box office film of the UK since the pandemic hit – and it did it in just three days.

However, was that wait worth it? In short, yes it was.

The film is not without its downfalls, particularly when it comes to the hefty 167-minute runtime and with the pace being quite uneven during that. The film also runs into the issue of balancing previous storylines, particularly from Spectre, and being a standalone movie. It is obvious that there were several screenwriters penning the script, as it is unclear whether this film wants to be its own thing or to be so reliant on its previous outings.

courtesy to imdb

It is hard to deny the impact that Daniel Craig has had during his run as Bond, and he may have just given his best performance as the character in No Time to Die.

He finds a nice balance in this entry, leaning into the humour and fun of the series but still balancing the emotional aspects of this story. It was surprising how much heart this film had, creating a story that nearly had me tearing up by the time the credits rolled.

There is not one foot wrong in the stacked cast for this film as it surprisingly becomes one dominated by women.

Despite all the backlash and false headlines about a female black Bond, Lashana Lynch is a fantastic new face for the series, and I hope we certainly get to see more of her again. Ana de Armas only has a small role here but dominates every second of her screen-time in a performance that will get her a leading action film one day.

As someone that works in a cinema, it has been nice seeing people returning to the cinema in such a big way and to see the box office finally recover some of the much-needed money the industry was losing out for. It is also nice to see that people are going out and celebrating a film as good as No Time to Die. If there is one name the film industry in the UK needed, it was Bond. James Bond.

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