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Nightlife Restrictions Eased in Aberdeen: “Yay! Two unsafe venues? Don’t spoil me!”

With the restrictions on nightlife, specifically nightclubs, being lifted from Monday, we talked to a few residents about how excited they were for the reopening of all their “favourite” venues!

By Ruairidh Macdonald

Photo courtesy of Leah Flint

The streets were very quiet on Monday night in Aberdeen as the coronavirus restrictions brought into place due to the Christmas Omicron spike were finally relaxed, allowing for the reopening of nightclubs as well as permitting people to now stand at the bar and drink, if that’s something people definitely wanted to do more of.

We thought that considering this, we would go out on the town and speak to people out and about and gauge the reaction to the reopening of all the fine nightlife the Granite City has to offer. However, in our attempt to capture the opinions of people, we were only able to run into a few willing to talk to us and many of those we did manage to talk to told us to leave them alone in a variety of unpleasant phrases or more often than not, simply pointed to the food delivery bag they were holding in their hand as a form of exemption. One viewpoint we were able to get was one of a student excited to be back in Aberdeen after “spending Christmas somewhere worse”, which I found hard to believe.

“I really missed the nightlife here” she said, “nothing beats it”. We then asked what they were most looking forward experience back out on the town, especially as the only clubs confirmed to be opened on Monday night were ATIK and Exodus. “Ooooo… that’s a tough one! I would go for the classic answer of the sticky floors, the indistinguishable venues or the violent seagulls but I think I’ll have to go with the recent threat of being drugged in one of the fine establishments open tonight and being offered little to no support except the ceremonial escort outside to the cold cobbles where I will have to hope my friends found me or a nice stranger decides to call an ambulance, what an experience!”.

She finished by giving the venues the benefit of the doubt, saying that “Although, as much as I and a lot of other people love the prospect of that happening, I’m sure, in the wake of the Girls Night In campaign and other movements to bring to light the issue of spiking, that the venues around Aberdeen have definitely taken the time in their ordered closure to ensure that when they do open back, it will be a safe environment for all of their customers and not just forgotten about it, right?” before she joined the queue for ATIK.

After that conservation, we couldn’t find anyone else to talk to us about the nightclubs reopening, probably because it was a Monday night, because it’s Aberdeen or maybe more realistically, both.


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