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New study café in town: Frogmoon on Gallowgate

Perfect location, quiet & energetic enough to get some study done off campus

by Rory Buccheri ( @rebelfoodrory)

picture courtesy of the author.

A new café has opened right on the doorstep of Aberdeen Uni campus. A 5-minute walk down Spital and a turn on the right will take you right on the doorstep of Frogmoon Café.

Frogmoon has great coffee and casual, quick food (sandwiches, muffins, sweet bakery) to offer.

If you decide to dine in, every table (importantly: chairs are frog green!) is supplied with sockets and space for you to use your laptop, phone or exam revision cards. It also has Wi-Fi for its customers.

The staff are friendly, and will leave you to do your own thing in your own time. If you’re looking for a place to focus, that definitely comes in handy.

We had an americano and a cappuccino, which were served in cute branded mugs. (If you are a fan of all things frog, this will go down well with you).

The food, too, was good. You can expect a few options for quick bites in-between typing, from sandwiches cold or grilled, to porridge options for a healthy nutritious breakfast…to my guilty pleasure: double choc muffins.

When I walked into Frogmoon, I had been planning on going there for a while. They opened just a couple of months ago, and I was really hyped to be there. I found a rather quiet locale, understandably for a Tuesday morning, but I also saw so much potential.

Sitting on the brink of two campuses and offering good hot drinks, power sockets and Wi-Fi, they really have the potential to become a cosy, wee space where people can decide whether to unwind and catch up with friends over coffee…or get productive!

Whatever your plans are right now, you should definitely pay them a visit.


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