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Multifaceted, kaleidoscopic, polyhedric: La Femme's music

by Alba Lopes

I discovered La Femme after a particularly dramatic, fresher-like heartbreak that only a good ‘night out with the gals’ and alcohol could cure. The song ‘va le monde’ from La Femme’s second studio album Mystères became my break-up anthem. But, thank god, the melodrama ended rather quickly, which meant that now I could finally enjoy La Femme’s other songs.

Multifaceted, kaleidoscopic and at times psychedelic: these are all terms that describe the music of French rock/electro band La Femme.

Their first album released in 2013, Psycho Tropical Berlin, was a real gem for music lovers. It can only be described as a ‘hybrid’ album, mixing and harmonising seemingly incompatible elements and music styles. From raw spontaneity of punk elements to more surf-pop/rock guitar riffs, Psycho Tropical Berlin is a feast for the ears. And even when you look at the colourful album cover, there is an almost mystical sense to it — you just don’t know what to expect.

Their second studio album, Mystères, remains my favourite. This album is the epitome of musicians collecting sounds and noises that they like and placing them together despite their seemingly incompatible nature. However, this album is also very different from the first one. This is maybe because the band is known for not really having any fixed members — members come and go as they please. From Francoise Hardy, to more spaghetti western atmospherics, nervy punk sounds and to something that resembles Plastic Bertrand’s new wave pop, this album feels like an ode to French music history. If you speak French, the lyrics won’t fail to entrance and surprise you. Titles like ‘Tueur de fleurs’ and ‘Le vide est ton nouveau prénom’ have an incredibly poetic and Baudelairian air to them. Titles like ‘ Tatiana’ and ‘Mycose’ won’t fail to disturb you but also make you laugh.

I am incredibly excited for the release of their third album, Paradigmes, coming out this April. The title track has all the elements of the band’s signature sounds: nonchalant vocals, extremely catchy melodies and a melancholic and vintage-like sound you can’t quite put your finger on. With other titles like ‘Foutre le bordel’ and ‘Cool Colorado’, this album walks in the footsteps of its predecessors — no song is the same and yet, they all unapologetically bear La Femme’s style.

For all those who are looking for a new musical experience: open up your music browser of choice, and press play on any of La Femme’s songs. You won’t be disappointed.


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