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MoRunning is coming to The Granite City

Aberdeen is to host MoRun events for the first time this November

by Tom Molnar

Aberdeen is set to host a MoRun for the first time this November. MoRunning, an essential part of the Movember Foundation, has announced that MoRuns will be held at 22 different locations across the UK and Ireland in the month of November, and this includes ‘The Granite City’. 

This will be the ninth year of MoRunning and set to be the biggest one yet. 20,000 male and female runners are expected to take part in the MoRuns up and down the country, all for the same cause. The purpose of MoRunning is to help raise awareness of men’s health issues and to raise vital funds for the Movember Foundation. Some may not be aware that around 2,300 men in the UK are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year, and 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK are male, which is why November is such an important month. Last year, there were over 300,000 MoBros and MoSistas globally raising awareness of men’s health issues, with over 1 million donations made world wide.

The MoRunning events are suited to all ages and running abilities, with a 5k option as well as a 10k option for those who wish to challenge themselves. There will also be the Mini MoRun, which is a 1.5k run for children aged between 3 and 12 years. For the first time this year, runners can also participate in the ‘virtual MoRun’, which lets runners upload a screenshot of their result on the MoRunning website. There, they will be placed onto the virtual MoRunning leaderboard for all to see, receiving a headband and medal. With this new virtual addition, MoRuns can happen all over the world, and Aberdeen would be a part of this global phenomenon!

The Aberdeen MoRun will be held on November 3rd and will see runners go through Hazelhead Park. It does not have to be a solo run and you can get friends and the whole family involved. It is a great way of creating feel-good memories as it is all for charity! Runners are encouraged to dress up and have fun with the MoRuns. Put on fake moustaches and your fanciest dress because the Movember Foundation will be issuing out ‘MoMedals’ to the best dressed MoRunners at each location. 

MoRunning is a huge part of the Movember Foundation and, across 22 different locations, this year should see the most funds raised in MoRunning history. Last year, the Movember Foundation raised $87 million globally, but more can be done, which is why MoRunning has been expanded. Dave Krangel, the Founder of MoRunning, said “To be a MoRunner means you are part of something bigger than yourself, you’re part of a community, a family and a team”. It is for a great cause and can be a lot of fun. Krangel also said “We encourage all of our participants to have fun doing their run because that’s what it’s all about; dressing up, enjoying yourself and crossing the finishing line with a smile on your face”. 

Last year, The University of Aberdeen Movember network raised £22,878. This comprised of student sports clubs, societies and teams that wanted to make a difference to men’s health and the issues that come along side it. This year, with the addition of MoRunning, it is hoped that even more will be raised from The University of Aberdeen as well as Aberdeen as a whole. Once again, MoRunning is open for all ages and abilities, so don’t shy away. Everyone is encouraged and welcome. Don’t forget, the more you get involved the more fun it’ll be, so make sure to put on your fancy dress and fake moustache!

The Aberdeen MoRun will be a huge event in the Movember community. It will be great fun for a great cause! Bring your friends. Bring your team mates. Bring everyone! The more MoRunners, the better. As a city, let’s tackle men’s health issues one run at a time. 

Early bird tickets are out now! The prices start from £10 for the Mini MoRun; £12 for the virtual MoRun; £16 for the 5k option and £19 for the 10k. Visit the MoRunning website ( to get your tickets early and for any more information required. Remember, all this money will be going towards the Movember Foundation, raising awareness of men’s health and testicular cancer. Get your running shoes ready, the Aberdeen MoRun is vastly approaching.


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