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Moby, 'Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt' - Review

by William Jones


Unless you’re a particular fan of 90s-esque trip-hop, you probably haven’t given much thought to Moby over the last twenty years. Now on his 15th studio album, the producer and animal rights activist whose work epitomised the underground electronic scene in the 90s is back with an album that is unmistakably Moby.

In fact, if someone were to ask you to make an album in the style of Moby, this would be the result. Made of twelve perfectly formed songs, the album is distinctly more gloomy than his previous work, though this alone is not enough to keep you interested. By far the best thing about the album are the soulful vocals from Mindy Jones, Apollo Jane and Julie Mintz, with particular standout moments in ‘Welcome To The Hard Times’ and ‘A Dark Cloud Is Coming’. Beyond these tracks though, it is unclear what this album actually does that Moby hasn’t already done on his previous fourteen albums. Perhaps it is time he moved outside his comfort zone, beyond that 90s trip-hop path he’s trodden so many times before.


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