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MedSoc Students’ Drunken Fiasco Surprises All, Except Medical Students

A group of medical students, who wish to remain anonymous, have expressed regret at recent events wherein the MedSoc ball members ran through a hotel in gleeful drunken rigmarole and, allegedly, causing an elderly woman to fall down a set of stairs

by Dioch Dripinstans

“Bad luck”, one future doctor remarked.  Another agreed; “Normally on a night out, say with the rugby club, all the collateral damage ends up being Freshers and homeless people.  This time it was a night in a fancy hotel that was also hosting a wedding.  That’s not the sort of thing money and privilege from wealthy alumni can sweep under the rug.” 

A young lady consoled her friend who had just spoken; “It’s OK, AUSA is handling the investigation.  There’s no way they’ll pull the plug on a MedSoc with all the Doctors who may not donate to them if it wasn’t around anymore.”  The man who spoke before looked reassured at this.  Another student pointed out, “Yeah, AUSA can’t be that incompetent”.  To which the group paused to reconsider and exchanged suddenly concerned looks.

There is no doubt that general consternation is sweeping the populace of Aberdeen as they come to grips with the wild appetites of their future health care providers.  The newlywed husband remarked, “to think that one of those assholes will be removing my wife’s infected gallbladder in ten years.  It makes me sick.” 

And hubby is not the only one.  The people of this grey city are looking unwell enough to need a Doctor over this debacle.  The question is, will anyone be willing to see one after considering what indecencies may have inflamed the evening of their randomly NHS assigned health providers’ youth.


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