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Meal Deal Compilation

Best meal deal options available on campus

by Rory Buccheri

You’re in between classes. An afternoon in the library is waiting for you, and it’s lunchtime…you’re kind of hungry. Where do you go? Do you stray off campus and spend your free time walking? Or do you venture into one of the places on campus for a quick bite? If you don’t know where to go, we got you. We rated the best meal deals for you available on the Aberdeen campus. A real treat, right? Hopefully, it will not just help you save some pennies and precious time, but it will feed your in-between-classes hunger. Buon appetito!

TESCO Express (472 King Street)

Variety: ★★★★★

Quality: ★★★

Price: £ (3 set price)

Sandwich: or wrap, or pita bread, or whatever flat carb you can think of. The choice is endless, and even if picking a panini might cost you an upgrade on the basic plan, you can always count on both classics and daring favourites to be there: from ham and cheese, to BLT, to chicken tikka masala.

Snack: the best part of the deal. If you’re brave enough, I dare you to go for the Scotch egg. If you’re into a classic combo of sandwich and crisps, I beg you not to let this opportunity go. Please, go for something else! The snack selection is endless. It will feel like Sunday roast, but on a weekday. Treat yourself.

Drink: as to be expected from a supermarket, they have any kind of carbonated drink you can think of, what feels like an endless tap of Irn Bru, and other fancier options such as San Pellegrino and cold Starbucks brews.

Verdict: you can get as creative as you want on a budget, a simple but varied experience.

BEAR ESSENTIALS (Ground Floor, AUSA Union Building)

Variety: ★★

Quality: ★★★★

Price: £ (3.25 set price)

Sandwich: the best part of this deal is the sandwich. Provided by a local supplier, it offers the best flavour and quality of bread and filling among the cheap options. A must-try is the Salmon and Cucumber: moist, red salmon filling tucked between crunchy cucumber slices and wholesome wholemeal bread. 10/10.

Snack: range of crisps from salt and vinegar to cheese and onion; broader variety with chocolate bars – if you’re into that kind of snack with your meal deal.

Drink: unfortunately, when it comes to the drink selection it is as poor as it gets. On the best days, the choice is between coke/pepsi, diet, coke/diet pepsi and tango blast orange. However, if you want you can switch to the hot drink option, which is somewhat of a redeeming feature.

Verdict: this is as essential a meal deal as it gets, practical for location and valued for the sandwich quality.


Variety: ★★★

Quality: ★★★★

Price: £ (4 cheapest option)

Sandwich: a variety of pies available, made on the day. If you have a specific pie in mind, make sure to turn up early. However, you won’t be disappointed with most of their options: both tasty and filling, it is a true North East staple. Also, it’s one of the rare places in which you get a warm, handcrafted main as part of a cheap option. Bonus points for being a local bakery.

Snack: limited variety, mainly crisps or chocolate bars. Not the main reason you come here.

Drink: decently priced coffee and tea – if you’re sick of Library prices, you can land a good coffee here anytime in between study breaks, or as part of your warm lunch.

Verdict: overall makes a good change from the cold and packed options on campus; warm and freshly made, pies are sure to brighten up your day.


Variety: ★★★★

Quality: ★★★★

Price: ££ (4.90 set price)

Sandwich: choice of either wrap, panini or French baguette to be stuffed with plenty of creative combos, plus delicious Veg options available. If you’re a fan of good, crunchy bread, this is for you. And if you’re not feeling like a carb base, you can always pick a salad and top it up with whatever you want. In fact, GRUB gives you the fantastic option to make your own, whether salad or panini – choose from whichever topping and add a dash of creativity to your lunch!

Snack: good selection of crisps and chocolate/energy bars.

Drink: sodas and expensive lemonades alike are included in the meal deal. A great plus if you’re one for San Pellegrino & mojito cocktails in a can.

Verdict: with plenty of choices and plenty of flavour, GRUB is a great spot on campus if you want to treat yourself to something handcrafted, simple and delicious!


Variety: ★★★

Quality: ★★

Price: £££ (8 – cheapest option)

Sandwich: plus points for catering for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. However, despite the quite elaborate options available, the panini/wrap part is altogether quite bland and unremarkable. Being the most expensive part of the deal, I expected more. I wouldn’t rate this as the best value for money.

Snack: not a great selection, but a decent one in terms of quality. Pipers crisps are on display, with the more classic flavours combined to daring ones, such as chorizo.

Drink: you won’t find your usual soft drinks, but a much more sophisticated (and costly) version of them, from San Pellegrino water and limonata, to craft bottled beverages.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a good experience on a budget, this isn’t for you.

If you know of other spots that offer great meal deals, tell us all about it! Email or follow our Food Expert Rory on Instagram (@rebelfoodrory) – (nothing makes me happier than a food chat).

The Gaudie’s meal deal compilation was possible thanks to the Development Trust.


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