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Mandatory facemasks to be brought to an end

Facemasks will no longer be a legal requirement after the 18th April

By Olivia Mackenzie Smith

Image courtesy of mrizwanmmc via Pixabay

Despite the fact that citizens will no longer be required by law to wear a mask in most indoor settings, Scottish government guidance still strongly advises that face coverings be used in crowded areas.

This action has been put forward before but delayed due to spikes in Covid cases. Recent data shows that daily cases have dropped from 12000 in March to 5000.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stressed that the pandemic is still affecting Scotland.

“... our NHS is still under pressure and the most vulnerable members of our society can still benefit from additional measures to protect them from the virus.

“That is why although the use of face coverings will become guidance rather than a legal requirement I strongly recommend members of the public continue wearing face coverings in indoor settings where possible, and particularly when significant numbers of people are present.”

In an email announcement sent to students, Vice-Principal of Education Ruth Taylor stated

“You are free to take your time to become comfortable with this change and to consider Scottish Government guidance on the use of face coverings which recommends that coverings should continue to be worn where appropriate - including in indoor crowded spaces and on public transport.

"We have a wrist band scheme that lets you signal your feelings on distancing to those around you – red indicates ‘I like to keep a safe distance’, orange means ‘I’m ok with talking but not touching’ and green is ‘I’m ok with hugs and high fives’. Bands are available from public places across campus.”

The change in law will come at the end of the Easter period, as the NHS has spoken about the stress that hospitals can come under during holiday periods, asking that people call their GPs or NHS 24 before going to hospital for ailments.


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