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MØ, 'Forever Neverland' – Review

by Abi Love


Filled with elements of Alternative-Pop, Forever Neverland is the newest musical instalment from MØ. The Danish artist introduces us to more spellbinding songs that are bound to get bodies moving. MØ continues to experiment with Pop music and Forever Neverland is no exception here, as listeners are coaxed in low beats and a collection of everchanging melodies.

A favourite, and no doubt the stand out track of the album, was ‘Sun in Our Eyes’ in which MØ collaborated with artist Diplo. It depicts strong emotions of longing and pursuit which makes the passion behind the song a significant addition to the album. It is clear that there was a lot of thought and care put into MØ’s music which is even more recognisable as a result of her four-year hiatus.

Forever Neverland has a mixture of upbeat and energetic songs which come to mind when thinking about Pop artists. However, there are also a select few which are slower and more carefully composed so as to elicit emotions. ‘Mercy’ is an example of this; a powerful piano backs her haunting melody. The songs are very different from one another and so, as a consequence, I didn’t find much of a flow throughout the album – however, the diversity means that you are able to distinguish each song as their own instead of blending them all together. MØ doesn’t stray from the songs we associate with her, but regardless of this, the album works on its own accord which is exactly the attitude she brings to her music.

Forever Fantasy is the album fans hoped for. It might not deviate from her usual alternative style, but it continues to bring a variety of sounds to her collection that remains fresh.