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LP, 'Hearth to Mouth'

by Adriano Lopes Da Silva


‘Heart to Mouth’ is Laura Pergolizzi’s, a.k.a LP, 5th music album. Composed mostly of power ballads, the album showcases, once again, LP’s songwriting skills. Her iconic voice flows perfectly with the cinematographic atmosphere of the album. LP immediately brings the listener into her universe of never-ending sunsets, alcohol, passionate love, heartbreak and betrayal.

Being as honest as ever, LP is not scared to open up about very sensitive topics.

In ‘Girls Gone Wild’, she sings about her insecurities as a child and how she felt like an outcast due to her unconventional appearance and personality, which would, to her, prevent  her success in a musical career. She explains how she does not want to change in order to please anyone anymore. It is also a song about a love story that went wrong, in which she boldly talks about the struggles of same-sex relationships and intimacy without any taboo. Other songs such as ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘House on fire’ and ‘Power’ also narrate the disappointment of past relationships and the struggle to keep a relationship intact while it is crumbling apart. All in all, the whole album seems therapeutic, as LP tries to process her past traumas. This can be seen through the image of the dreamcatcher (which she uses as a song’s title). It symbolizes the nightmares and the lack of sleep caused by her haunting thoughts that not even a dreamcatcher can prevent. My favourite track is ‘One night in the sun’, where she recalls the pain she had to go through after her ex-lover’s request for an open relationship.

Even if overall the album is excellent, I personally preferred her previous album ‘Lost on You’ simply because of its diversity, which was lacking in ‘Heart to Mouth’, in which all songs tend to follow an identical formula.

However, LP’s songs are always brilliantly catchy and entertaining, so that one does not get too depressed when listening to all the sad events she recounts.


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