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Long Time University Professor Honoured with Granite Monument

A new memorial has been erected in honour of the late Professor Derek Ogston

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

A long time University academic and benefactor has been honoured with a memorial plaque outside the Taylor Building. 

Professor Derek Ogston, who died in 2021, first enrolled at the University of Aberdeen in 1949 at the age of 17. After gaining an arts degree, he studied medicine, graduating in 1957. 

In 1962, he began a distinguished career as a member of the University’s teaching staff, serving in a variety of roles over the next thirty five years. He helped to coordinate the University’s 500th anniversary celebrations as Senior Vice Principal in 1995. 

Upon his retirement in 1997, Professor Ogston continued his association with the University, studying for several more degrees and serving on a number of University committees. 

For recent students, Professor Ogston is perhaps best known for his support of the University’s music department, serving as “part of the fabric of music-making” at the University.

Scores of students have been awarded Ogston Scholarships, which has allowed many up and coming musicians to study at the University. 

Now, three years after his death, Professor Ogston has been memorialised with a granite plinth outside the School of LLMVC. The triangular structure bears a bronze plaque with biographical details about Professor Ogston’s relationship with the University.

Described as one of the music department’s ‘most passionate and prominent supporters’, there is no doubt that Professor Ogston’s memorial will inform future generations of students about his extraordinary life. 


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