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Leave the Door Open | Single Review

by Aedan Brennan

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak are a duo made in heaven. At first, I worried the two would overpower each other, with them both mastering similar genres of soul-funk and pop. Yet they certainly don’t clash — quite the opposite: they create a track so blissful that it might just transport you to a time where you didn’t have to worry about forgetting your PPE.

The track starts with an exuberantly lavish style that carries on throughout. With its mix of gospel and soul elements, the song oozes class and pizazz. You instantly feel your feet tapping and find yourself swaying to the tones.

Anderson Paak underscores this with his cheeky and effortlessly sexy lyrics, which put a modern twist to a song that harks back to bygone golden eras.

What elevates this track to new heights, however, is Bruno Mars: his vocals, entwined with the layers of funk and idyllic chords, make you stand up and dance. In my case, with the window wide open so the world can see.

When writing this review, I had this song playing on repeat: not once did I get bored; not once did I double guess my total devotion to this dynamic duo’s creation. This song will effortlessly brighten your day, and I feel we all need that in our lives right now.


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