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Leader of the Islamic State dies upon US raid

Mugshot of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - Courtesy of Wikicommons

by Isti Miskolczy

US sources have confirmed that after several years of chasing, American special forces have located and attacked Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The leader of the extremist jihadist terrorist group called ‘Islamic State’, reportedly blew himself and three of his children up before US soldiers could have captured him.

The world’s most wanted terrorist, who is said to be responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of people suffering, was hiding in a ‘safe house’ in a north-west province of Syria, called Idlib. Retrospectively, it turned out not to be as ‘safe’ as once hoped; reporters said that US forces managed to overcome massive gunfire, traps and terrorists with explosive vests before reaching and cornering al-Baghdadi. Baghdadi, however, wearing an explosive vest himself too, he managed to detonate not just himself and his sons, but also the whole tunnel he was hiding in before the US soldiers could have arrested him.

The forces recovered and identified the remains of his body under the ruins of the collapsed tunnel soon after the operation. Later, DNA tests have confirmed that the leader of the Islamic State was indeed amongst the victims of the operation. Six enemy fighters were killed during the operation, US officials added.

US President, Donald Trump, was following the operation from the White House and announced the death of al-Baghdadi the next morning. He said, “He died like a dog, he died like a coward.” The president also praised the success of the operation and highlighted that all American troops were out of harms, except for a military dog, who, thereafter, has been awarded a medal of honour for his service and injury – even though the relating picture on Trump’s Twitter has been proven to be fake.

Meanwhile, Turkey claims that they have captured al-Baghdadi’s sister, wife, and brother-in-law also in northwest Syria. Thereupon, some say that the IS seems to be declining and losing many territories. The death of the leader was definitely a victory for the US and Donald Trump. However, critics argue that even though their massive losses, IS remains a serious security threat in the Middle East.


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