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Kim Jong Un orders North Korean military to ramp up war preparations

Orders have been given to ramp up its war preparations after tensions continue to rise between the US and North Korea. 

By: Lee Morrow

According to North Korean state media, the continued war preparations have been ordered in ant attempt to combat the so-called “confrontational moves by the US”. The leader of the regime has outlined Pyongyang’s pledge to expand its collaboration with “anti-imperialist independent” nations, North Korea’s primary news agency, the KCNA. 

Historically speaking, relations between North Korea and the west have always been tense. Particular tension is noticeable between the United States and North Korea, and as a result, the two countries have no formal diplomatic relations. With the ramped up military presence in South Korea by the United States military in recent years, the tension has only augmented. 

Photo from: Istock

In addition to the increased US military presence, the US has also placed economic sanctions against the DPRK. Tension is expected to continue to develop.

Last year, South Korea, Japan, and the US have strengthened political and defence cooperation in the face of a recent surge in weapon tests by Pyongyang and recently activated a system to share real-time data on North Korean missile launches.

In a recent report by the KCNA, Kim Jong Un has placed militant tasks for the People’s Army and the munitions industry, nuclear weapons and civil defence sectors to further accelerate war preparations. This comes after “confrontational moves by the US and its vassal forces unprecedented in history”. 

North Korea and Russia have been strengthening its ties, and Pyongyang has been accused by Washington of supplying military aid to Moscow as a means of continuing to fight in the ongoing war in Ukraine. This comes after Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to Russia.

Kim Jong Un’s recent journey to Russia in order to tour military facilities and meet with Russian president, Vladmir Putin, has been seen as a threat by the West. It has been deemed especially threatening following Mr Kim’s vow to support the Kremlin’s “sacred war” against Ukraine. 

In coming weeks and months, it is expected that North Korea will continue to pledge to strengthen its nuclear attack capability and enlarge its cooperation with Russia and China, which are also known for their respective confrontations with the United States. 


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