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Khåen, 'Solace In The Night' – Review

by Cameron Owens


Solace In The Night is Khåen’s first full-length album, which builds off the success of his recent singles, ‘Duchess’ and ‘Kyrie’. Khåen excels in creating atmospheric, dark music and this album is nothing less, with ‘Falken’ and title song ‘Solace In The Night’ particularly following this theme. Where I feel Khåen succeeds most on this album is certainly with ‘Falken’. It displays his perfect use of synthesised vocals which haunt the listener and create a perfect sense of dread, making this track, in my opinion, the highlight of the album.

Before the release of his album, Khåen teased fans with the single ‘Third Evangelist,’ although this track contrasts to the overall tone of the album and may not be the best representation of what he was trying to achieve with it. ‘Third Evangelist’ is a rather more upbeat and inspiring song, which differs from the darker tone set by other tracks on the record. Its beautiful, light chiming at the start prepares the listener for the following pleasant, upbeat experience. This song shows Khåen’s versatility and ability to create different atmospheres and is, again, another solid track, yet, sadly, it is not a standout.

Khåen has recently received support from Lane 8’s label ‘This Never Happened’ and his career has found a steady home, allowing him to create some beautiful tracks under the guidance of an experienced and talented producer. This partnership is heard intensively throughout the album and specifically on the song ‘Kelpie,’ which has a deep, muffled-sounding beat, clearly influenced by Lane 8.

Whilst this album features a solid repertoire, none of these songs reach the heights of ‘Kyrie’ and may not be the album to launch Khåen into the mainstream territory – perhaps limiting him to the periphery of fellow artist Lane 8’s label for a while longer.


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